• Process Automation

    for Project-Based Learning

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  • Do you plan student projects

    as a part of the curriculum?

    And do you want to have more control and predictability over the process?

    Meet Casual.PM, the tool that helps teachers and student teams to visualize, track, and collaborate on their projects. With Casual.PM, you will make your class' project work more efficient, automate the process, supervise collaboration and ensure deliverability. Always know if something is stuck or behind a schedule.

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  • Casual.PM is for your class if...

    • You seek for high-level control over the whole student project process.
    • Want to deepen into details to prevent no-delivery or delay risk.

  • How does Casual.PM integrate

    into the PBL process?

    1. You create an owner’s account and invite your student group with emails.
    2. Let students decide on project topics (create a common project to select topics).
    3. Select students with leadership roles and let them invite participants into their project groups.
    4. Group clones a student project template and adjusts it according to own situation.
    5. Set up / adjust timing.
    6. Divide responsibilities and assigns tasks.
    7. Group members accomplish their tasks, understand the whole process and always remember about final output (presentation, research paper, actual product).
    8. A teacher has a bird-eye view over the whole process: if groups are formed, projects are planned, roles assigned, tasks accomplished and finally results presented.

  • Student's Benefits from Casual.PM

    • Clear and creative project planning process.
    • Individual or student group ownership of the process.
    • Group communications and collaboration.
    • Track project progress.

  • What Our Clients Say

    Check out what our customer, a trainer & teacher

    for project management, says about Casual.PM:

    Mike Cohn,

    Author of Project Management Books

    "I like casual.pm approach. It fits really well for managing content creation (writing, editing and publishing blog posts, etc.), as well as many other waterfall projects."

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